The Practices of Looking: Ad Analysis “Neighbor” by FedEx


          FedEx demonstrates their global campaign of delivering to a changing world in this print advertisement of a man simply handing a package to a woman in a window on a floor below him. Our volatile world is rapidly changing with advances in a vast amount of fields and FedEx is evolving alongside with it. FedEx is showing that customers are able to rely on FedEx to distribute their packages around the world. Denotatively, we’ll notice the simplistic first visual surface layer of the advertisement, but connotatively, the advertisement highlights FedEx’s purpose and its global impact and how it connects the world related to its slogan of, “FedEx delivers to a changing world,” created by BBDO. A very simple image provides a myriad of ideas for consumers to fathom FedEx’s business practices in the transportation industry.

          FedEx displays a section of the world map to demonstrate its availability to its customers with a background of the United States and Brazil in the western hemisphere.  Two open windows in what seems to be different floors in a building complex focusing on a male passing on a white FedEx parcel to a female in the floor below him. The window the male is alongside the border of the United States reaching down with the package towards the female character down south whose window is located alongside the border of Brazil. The woman is happily reaching upward for the package. FedEx is portraying how they are a quick, simple, and easy transporter for the customers’ needs even if the delivery is made across entire countries. The appearance of the maps in the background gives the entire ad context into the geographical location of residence.

          “Less is more,” is a phrase that comes to mind in the format of the ad and how it was made.  FedEx has adequately executes that concept in this ad with a simple and minimalistic style.  What needed to be done in how this advertisement was made was finding an apartment or flat with similar windows and an easy textured wall. But you wouldn’t find an apartment with only two windows vertically parallel to each other with a bunch of empty space along the sides. So removal and simplification of unnecessary windows was done throw the use of software. This does add to the simplicity of the advertisement as well as allowing the background image of the United States and Brazil to be overload behind the characters.

          The characters that appear in this ad look like the average Caucasians crowd. The man is dressed in a simple white T- shirt, and the woman is also dressed in simple casual attire.  The choice of characters and what they wear shows the general targeted audience of simple everyday people who have the desire to deport parcels and packages across to neighbors. They are simple people, who simply want to do simple things. The ad effectively does show that any average person is able to expeditiously use FedEx as a conveyor for their needs. If the characters were wearing more lavish clothing or were in a more business attire, the audience of this ad may perceive FedEx as service for a more upper-class citizen and may have to resort to other competitors to suit their needs. But some may also perceive the ad to be a better quality company because people that appear more opulent generally can attribute to excellence. FedEx would most likely not portray the ad using those character because the ad would focus on a smaller market group. The more common folk are the perfect marketable audience to maximize profits through a wider range of relatable advertisements.

          But is what we see what we get? Is FedEx really able to be the go to service to reach a customer’s needs of being a reliable, quick, and easy transportation service? Customers expect and appreciate responsiveness, satisfaction, and willingness to accept responsibility’s from mistakes or issues that come along the way from the services the company offers. In reality a transportation is not always able expedite shipping processes maybe due to external forces or the chance of unfortunate complications, but they do try to have the intention of doing their best to meet delivery standards. But the purpose of the ad is to show the good side of a company, and what the company is trying to sell to its intended audience. So its goal is to make the customer feel as if they wanted to transport a parcel, it’s as simple as handing it to a neighbor.